• REF: S0275

    Stress Toilet

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H100 x W60 x D90mm | Print Area:Dia 45mm

    With this Stress Toilet placed atop the stack of books and magazines, you can take branding to places its never been before!

    It is an item that's sure to get attention and would be great to advertise different kinds of businesses.


    • Great Desktop Item
    • Printed From 1-4 Colours
    • Perfect Promotional Product Item
    • Product size H100 x W60 x D90mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H85 x W74 x D80mm | Print Area:Dia 30mm

    It's the irony of handheld devices that one of the first features most people ask about is the hands-free feature.

    But there are so many other features (speakerphone, video playback, music playback) that are more convenient if you can just rest that phone against something.

    That's why phone holders make such wonderful promotional accessories, since they allow your potential clients to simply enjoy those hands-free features without worrying about the phone falling over.

    Our original stress shape has been specifically designed to comfortably hold a huge range of mobile devices securely within the 2cm gap behind the chair's arms.

    Unfortunately, sometimes a hands-free feature isn't enough to ease someone's thoughts and that's when they need a stress reliever.

    And if you can't decide whether to hand out phone holders or stress relievers at the next big promotional event, have we got a giveaway item for you.


    • Available in a wide range of colours
    • Fits a huge range of mobile devices in both portrait and landscape positions
    • Get your logo, slogan, or custom artwork prominently displayed on the front and back
    • Product size H85 x W74 x D80mm
  • REF: S0080

    Stress Light Bulb

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H95 x W56 x D56mm | Print Area:Dia 38mm

    This stress light bulb white is just one of many in our huge range of promotional electrical stress shapes that will be sure to spark your promotions to life!

    Ideal for electrical stores, energy providers and many more of your bright promotional campaign ideas.


    • Make your next promoting come to light
    • Squeezy fun
    • Big favourite with electrical and energy companies
    • Product size H95 x W56 x D56mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H55 x W75 x D30mm | Print Area:40 x 30mm

    This Stress Wide Screen will appeal to many businesses such as entertainment,television programmes and appliance stores etc This stress reliever is a generous size and its wide display screen offers a high definition for your logo.

    This is one of the huge range of electrical promotional stress shapes that will spark your marketing campaign.


    • Get your Promotional campaign on TV
    • Large Imprint Area
    • Fast Delivery
    • Made of High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H55 x W75 x D30mm
  • REF: S1651

    Stress Bathtub

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H50 x W48 x D100mm | Print Area:35 x 10mm

    These terrific custom Stress Bathtubs' will get your company some positive attention.

    You'll make a splash when all of your customers flock to your stand at the next trade show!

    Help your clients relax by handing these stress products out imprinted with your company details on so they dont forget you.


    • Low Cost
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Printed from 1-4 colours
    • Fantastic Way To Promote your company
    • Product size H50 x W48 x D100mm
  • REF: S1061

    Stress Alarm Clock

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H80 x W60 x D20mm | Print Area:Dia 35mm

    Wake up your company's marketing campaign with this Stress Alarm Clock!

    Make getting up in the mornings easier with this stress reliever, they are a great way to remind your customers just who you are, with your imprint on the back for all to see your company won't be forgotten.


    • Wake up your marketing campaign
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Good Imprint Area
    • Product size H80 x W60 x D20mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H110 x W50 x D50mm | Print Area:25 x 8mm

    Looking for a way to shine some light on your new product or service? Then heres a bright idea, place your logo on the light bulb stress toy.

    This stress item will help light up your marketing campaign and start taking your brand into your customers homes.


    • Ideal for energy saving and electrical companies
    • Made from High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H110 x W50 x D50mm
  • REF: S0760

    Stress Radio

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H54 x W98 x D34mm | Print Area:30 x 50mm

    The Stress Radio is a fantastic way to get your voice heard!

    Customise these stress relievers by printing your business name, brand or logo on them and increase the volume on your marketing message, the best way to do that is through this promotional product.


    • Retro Style Radio
    • Squeezy Fun
    • Great Promotional Product
    • Product size H54 x W98 x D34mm
  • REF: S2034

    Stress Throne

    Minimum:500pcs | Size:H115 x W87 x D70mm | Print Area:30 x 40mm

    Be the king or queen of marketing with the Stress Throne!

    They are an outstanding and unique trade show giveaway.

    Have these customised with your imprint of business name, brand or slogan and your product will have the attention it deserves.


    • Squeezy Fun
    • Printed From 1-4 Colours
    • Made From High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H115 x W87 x D70mm
  • Minimum:50pcs | Size:H140 x W40 x D19mm | Print Area:60 x 30mm

    The Stress Remote Control will appeal to many businessess and be a fantastic asset to their marketing plan.

    There are great ways to utilize this promotional product and to advertise your company.

    The company logo or slogan will go a long way to bring information to customers' hands.


    • Take control of your next promotional campaign The buttons on the front realistic looking
    • Good Print Area
    • Product size H140 x W40 x D19mm
  • Minimum:500pcs | Size:H60 x W40 x D40mm | Print Area:30 x 30mm

    With this Stress Washing Machine your can watch your sales spin wild!

    Attract more busineess with this stress reliever by handing them out at shows or events with your company name and details on so as your current and potential customers won't forget who your are.

    This is just one of many electrical product shapes that will be sure to spark your next promotional campaign!


    • Squeezy Fun
    • Great Way To Promote Your Company Name
    • Made of High Quality PU Foam
    • Product size H60 x W40 x D40mm
  • REF: S0222

    Stress Toilet

    Minimum:50pcs | Size:H60 x W34 x D60mm | Print Area:Dia 20mm

    Prove that you' ll serve your duty to your customers with the Stress Toilet!

    With this imprinted stress reliever place ontop of your desk you can take branding to places it's never been before.

    It is sure to get attention anytime anywhere its placed and brand will rise to the top with this item.


    • Popular favourite with showrooms and plumbing companies
    • Cheeky and entertaining product
    • Sqeezy Fun
    • Product size H60 x W34 x D60mm